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Ravenclaw Common Room

Where the wise and learned are...

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Welcome to the Ravenclaw Common Room! By requesting to join, I am assuming that you have been sorted into Ravenclaw in harrypothesis, so if you haven't, go there first. So, please keep everything friendly, or at least civil, and enjoy!

Just so you know, I'm icexfairyxgirl, aka Kate, and I'm one of your prefects! However, since your other prefect, missantibacon, aka Keri, hasn't been doing much, and has never posted (other than the application) in HarryPothesis, I'm proclaiming myself Head-Prefect! If anyone has problems with that, then tell me, (yeah, Keri, that means you!)

The rules! (Sorry, there had to be some)
1. All posts must be friends only! We don't want the people from other houses reading the stuff and posting it and taking credit, now do we? So PLEASE, make everything friends only. First time, it'll just be a warning, second time, I'm going to have to dock points.

2. There will be no dissing of other houses or members. If you have a legitmate complaint about someone, then feel free to talk to me, but just because someone's from slytherin doesn't mean they're evil, and just because someone's from Hufflepuff doesn't mean they're a wuss, so please keep the stereotyping of houses to a minimum.

3. Please post any pictures, quizzes, surveys, etc. behind and lj-cut. Seeing as you all had to in order to post an application at harrypothesis, I'm assuming you know how. If you don't, then please comment, I have no problem with helping people with that kind of thing.

4. Promoting of other communities is fine, as long as they're HP related. If there's another community you'd like to promote, comment on an entry of mine, or e-mail me at icexfairyxgirl@yahoo.com. Put something about harrypothesis in the subject, or I may delete it, and that wouldn't be good.

5. I am assuming that everyone in this community has read all five books and seen all three movies. Therefore, there will be no need for a spoiler warning or an lj-cut, unless it's really really long. If you haven't read all the books, then go do that now, because I don't know how you managed to wait so long. What, do you have a life or something? j/k. On the other hand, please put all HPB spoilers under an lj-cut, because some people do prefer to not know anything the first time they read it.

So everyone, enjoy! (If you do post theories here, remember that you won't receive points unless you also post them in HarryPothesis, so you may want to do that)